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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Discussion Post ~ Book Buying Habits/Patterns

Today's discussion post is about book buy patterns/habits. Me, my book buying patterns/habits are pretty simple. I am pretty predictable when it comes to book buying. The book section at stores like Walmart and Target call my name....Since I work at a Target, the book section calls my name 9 hours a night 4 days a week. If a cover trips my trigger I'll pick it up and read the back. If the synopsis of the book trips my trigger, there is a VERY good chance that the book will end up in my cart. There have been times when I have gone into either store with the intention of buying only the things on my list and leave with those items AND a bag full of books.
Another store the I spend a crap ton of money in is Barnes and Noble. I'm a B&N junkie. I just can't help myself when I walk into a Barnes and Noble. On a recent trip I left the store with 2 of their giant shopping bags FULL of books.
I also like to shop the book section at my local goodwill/savers (which is the Easter Seals thrift store). I'm usually pretty lucky when I shop there. I LOVE the fact that I can buy a couple bags of books and spend LESS than what I would have spent on a couple of new books. I'm not real picky. I'll read a new book or a used book.
I've just started using my local library again. With the economy the way it is I'm trying (and sometimes flounder with) to curb my book buying habit. My library itself has a pretty good selection but my library system ALSO has this nifty cool program where you can order books from other libraries who participate in the program. LOVE this system! In the last couple of months that I have been using my public library I have literally hit the mother load on more than one occasion. LIKE last Saturday for example. I stopped in because our automated library voice called and said I had an item in....Turns out, I had a total of 10 items in.
I do occasionally use Amazon too. But the Amazon site is like me going into a Barnes and Noble....Bad news bears for my paycheck. So I try to forget that that website even exsists.
So here is the break down of my buying habit:
1. Public Library
2. Walmart/Target
3. Goodwill/Savers
4. Barnes and Noble
5. Amazon
My main problem when it comes to buying books is that I "have to have" the books that there is a lot of "hype" about. I don't know why....but it sort of makes me feel like one of the "cool kids" I guess. Like for example there was a lot of "hype" around books like Shiver, Fallen, Beautiful Creatures, The Dark Divine and Hush, Hush to name a few. Of those 5, all of which I own, I've only actually read 2 of them. I guess for me I just can't avoid the ones with all the hype!
Another "problem" (being funny when I say it's a problem) that contributes to my book buying habit is the book blogging community. Y'all read and review all sorts of AWESOME books and I come across them and from what I read on my end it trips my trigger and it goes on my "I got to get my hands on it" list. Seriously...Y'all gotta stop! (again being funny)
While I was going through my google reader I found this post and I thought it posed several great questions. So I thought that I would post those questions and some of my own as well and see what you, my readers have to say. So here are the questions (the ones from the original post are in RED, and my own are in PURPLE):

Are you predictable when shopping for books? Do you have a shopping pattern? Do you always have a compulsive need to buy books or are you someone who likes books, but doesn't always have the desire to purchase them? Do you buy the books that there are a lot of "hype" about or do you tend to avoid them? Do you tend to buy books that have had a lot of "mixed" reviews so you can formulate your own opinion? How much does the book blogging community contribute to your book buying habit/pattern?

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