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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Blog Has Been Compromised!

Over the past couple of days I have been taking a little break from reading to focus on some of my other hobbies, mainly my knitting and prepping for the arrival of my niece. This morning I logged back into my google/blogger account to find that it had been hacked.  My blog url had been changed (I've since changed it back), my blog name had been changed and several inappropriate posts had been scheduled to post later today, in addition to several non blogger related "surprises."

I have decided that because this account has been compromised that I will be moving my blog to a different account.  I have backed this blog, minus all the bad stuff and will be importing it to the new account after I post this message.  I hate that I basically have to start my blog following over again but I don't want any repeat performances of this ickiness to happen again.  And I like to be safe rather than sorry.

The new blog can be found here.


  1. Oh that sucks! I had my twitter account hacked before but luckily not my blog.

  2. My Twitter was hacked too.


    Found you on Book Blogs.


    Silver's Reviews


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